Web Development and WordPress Development

I have extensive web development experience, having spent time at large corporations such as Rogers, Maclean’s Magazine, CBC/Radio-Canada, and First National Financial LP. When it comes to freelance work however, most of the web development and design has involved creating custom WordPress websites for clients.


SEO – Search engine optimization for better search ranking

All my SEO techniques and best practices come from experience built by working in the web field. I understand that a decent placement in Google means you have to include SEO best practices in every step you take when planning and developing your website. It’s important to me that we optimize your site to give it the best chance at succeeding within major search engines.

I’ve got experience with Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and Omniture. We can increase your odds of being noticed by writing keyword rich content that still makes sense to your audience, creating sitemaps, designing elements in basic text as much as possible, and maintaining the proper balance between usability, design, and search engine optimization.

We can work together to determine the best way to develop your site with search engine optimization in mind, create Analytics filters and campaigns to measure your rankings and success, and continually develop the site to optimize it for targeting your audience.


SEO – Online Reputation Management

Search engine optimization can also work against you. If you’re concerned about your online presence not representing you in the best light, we can work together to help improve your online reputation. This can involve research to identify negative content or images, research to identify where they’re posted, location and webmaster information about websites, and advice on removal of negative content from search engine results as well as websites. I can also help with your online reputation management and advise on how to create positive content to bury negative content in search results for those that cannot be removed.


Digital Marketing / Social Networking

My passion lies in using the net to foster connections. I understand the importance of utilizing social networking as part of a digital marketing strategy and believe in the power of online communities to help boost brand awareness and loyalty. I stay on top of current online trends and am constantly researching new ways of interacting with a web audience.